We argue that leadership and organizational culture cannot be developed without a business perspective. Nor is it possible to develop business without engaged personnel. Both people and business must be considered in all development.

This is our core! We will help you to form an engaged team and the culture that becomes a lasting competitive advantage. Everyone must have the playbook in their spinal cord. Only that ensures that performance will continue to be high from year to year. We dare to challenge you and are skilled in facilitating discussion of difficult issues. As an experienced external partner, we are adept at pinpointing key factors for development and helping you find the tools to achieve them. In fact, we believe so strongly that we are the right partner for you that we give you 100 % guarantee. You pay only if we benefit you.


Pekko Nieminen

Executive advisor & principal consultant

A true professional to whom the customer’s success is everything.

Is able to quickly perceive the whole and identify the essential. Works in an energetic, practical and engaging way.


Phone +358 44 517 5286

Jukka Niemi

Principal consultant

Jukka has the ability to get everyone involved and bring out each person’s best potential. Knows both business and people. Everything is accomplished with people.


Phone +358 45 891 6989

Juri Haverinen

Executive coach

An excellent listener with a solution-oriented approach to challenges. Draws on practical experience but is also able to engage in philosophical discussions.


Phone +358 40 542 8009


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Phone +358 44 517 5286
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Phone +358 44 517 5286
Email info@avegroup.fi

Visiting address

Norokatu 5
15170 Lahti

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