Jukka Niemi

Principal Consultant

I have a passion to study and learn new things. Of course, my nose is continuously in a book, but I have learned the most by having the opportunity to work with talented people and people who are the best in their field. I do not get stuck in theories, but want to apply and want practical results quickly. I enjoy working with people, cooperation and life enriching interaction. I want to grow and enjoy going beyond my borders and thus am constantly drawn into more challenging situations.

I have received my Masters at Tampere University of Technology and journeyed through it toward leading people. Since the beginning of my career I have worked in various, interesting international business sales, development and management positions. I have acquired experience in both acquisitions, as well as, various business integration, business growth and re-organizations, in addition to, building business culture. For nearly 20 years I have been able to work with some of the world’s leading companies in different parts of the globe and been able to observe from a vantage point companies’ and industry’s development of customer-oriented services. Pioneer organizations challenge you to develop your and your company’s activities and continuously raise your standards. Since 2011, I have also looked at the world through the glasses of an entrepreneur and assisted companies’ growth and development challenges in a project based way, as well as, serving on the Board of Directors. I have also Approved Board Member qualification.

Leadership, management work and encountering people have been a special source of inspiration for me. I strongly believe in people’s ability to learn and absorb new things, as well as the enormous potential that can be found in each of us. I am inspired when people, teams, and organizations learn, are enthused and pursue and achieve enormous goals. It is most important to note that all businesses’ achievements always occur through people. And it is humble to remember that all work is always done together, for the benefit of the customer and the customer will ultimately determine how successful your work was.

My own and my wife’s organizational and communication skills are also needed in our free time running around with our six children and with our cabin project. 

Ave Group - Closing the gap

Jukka Niemi

Principal consultant

Jukka has the ability to get everyone involved and bring out each person’s best potential. Knows both business and people. Everything is accomplished with people.


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Ave Group - Closing the gap

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