Training is aimed at anyone interested in developing their own interaction and communication

Participants gain deeper self-knowledge, as training facilitates deeper reflection and exploration of the reasons behind participants’ own actions and the consequences of their actions.


Gain a better understanding of different ways of interacting and provide tools for developing one’s own interaction according to what the situation requires.

Develop own interaction and self-knowledge

Provide tools for more effective interaction and approaches to use in difficult and conflict situations.


Ave Group - Closing the gap


Price for a team of eight (8) people

 6 280 €

(vat. 0%)

This price includes all materials, preparations, tools (EverythingDiSC- situational analysis), 2 x 3hr virtual coaching session, as well as, personal sparring sessions for all participants (1/person).

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Ave Group - Closing the gap

We close the gap

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