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Self Direction – an oasis in the desert or only a mirage?

During a crisis, every person truly internalizes and understands that alone nothing can be achieved. What we do affects others and we also need everyone else to survive and accomplish assigned tasks. Soloing can result in paying the highest possible price.


No matter how much you hear that it was possible to lead people through position and authority during Taylorism, there probably has never been a time when it has been considered the best form of leadership. Research even from that era indicates that those who made staff enthusiastic and fostered self-development are considered to be the best leaders.

AI for people

Adopting new technology and innovations is important for companies to succeed in today’s competitive environment. One technology that has received enormous attention in recent years is Artificial Intelligence (AI).


I am in a darkening forest running with the help of my headlamp’s bright beam. It has been quite a while since I last punched my control card and I am not at all sure if, considering my skill, I made the smartest choice of route to the following control. According to habit, I won’t let this little detail bother me, I just increase my speed- something that anyone else wouldn’t even notice. Just go, the main thing is to move.

AI wagon – all aboard!

Don’t fall behind the Artificial Intelligence wagon!

In recent years artificial intelligence has become a term that almost everyone has heard of, yet many are wondering what it is or how it can be utilized.

Why does Purpose have a purpose-also in Leadership

From time to time I find myself wondering when people, who do their own work with an 8 to 4 attitude avoiding all responsibility and extra work, tell about large home projects or volunteer work they do with a glint in their eye. There the amount of work, drops of sweat, and hours are not counted. Creativity is unleashed and performance is at its best – something which is not seen in their normal work.

2017 Wrap-up

The end of the year is approaching and the past year is worth summarizing. We are thankful for the trust our customers have shown us. When we have been able to witness our customers’ success and they have recommended us to others we feel our work has been worthwhile. During the past year we have…

Lencioni got whole auditorium to fly about TRUST!!

We were honoured to be MLP’s partner in arranging invited guest function for Finnish leaders at 4th of October. Keynote speaker was Patrick Lencioni, a best-selling author and one of the world’s top 5 business speakers.