AI wagon – all aboard!

Don’t fall behind the Artificial Intelligence wagon!

In recent years artificial intelligence has become a term that almost everyone has heard of, yet many are wondering what it is or how it can be utilized.

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Why does Purpose have a purpose-also in Leadership

From time to time I find myself wondering when people, who do their own work with an 8 to 4 attitude avoiding all responsibility and extra work, tell about large home projects or volunteer work they do with a glint in their eye. There the amount of work, drops of sweat, and hours are not counted. Creativity is unleashed and performance is at its best – something which is not seen in their normal work.

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2017 Wrap-up

The end of the year is approaching and the past year is worth summarizing. We are thankful for the trust our customers have shown us.

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Trust – soft issue or true business?

Do you recognize the situation where, right after a joint meeting you find yourself conversing with a colleague finding countless problems and weaknesses with a third colleague’s proposal?

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