Training is aimed at all work communities and teams.

Participants gain deeper self-knowledge, as training facilitates deeper reflection and exploration of the reasons behind participants’ own actions and the consequences of their actions.

The main focus of the training is team internal interaction.

The program will also concretely define the meaning of a mutual game field and the necessary steps to create one.


Gain a better understanding of different ways of interacting and provide tools for developing one’s own interaction according to what the situation requires.

Develop own interaction and self-knowledge.

Provide tools for more effective interaction and approaches to use in difficult and conflict situations.


Ave Group - Closing the gap


Price for a team of eight (8) people

2 500 €

(vat. 0%)

This price includes all materials, preparations, tools for 2 hr virtual coaching, as well as, follow-up assignment review.

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Ave Group - Closing the gap

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