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2017 Wrap-up

The end of the year is approaching and the past year is worth summarizing. We are thankful for the trust our customers have shown us. When we have been able to witness our customers’ success and they have recommended us to others we feel our work has been worthwhile.

During the past year we have walked alongside our clients throughout their transformation programs and cultural changes towards healthier organizations by assisting them in developing their business and in different growth projects as well as training people at all organizational levels.

During the second year of our our “long” entrepreneurship we’ve been honored to continue with our old clients and received several new customers as well, thus increasing our revenue by nearly 40% in 2017. Someone to challenge our way of working and provide a new perspective is needed on our board for us to better conceptualize our services and continue to grow.

In 2017 we were certified as Lencioni 5B- (5 behaviors of a successful team) and EverythingDiSC coaches. Some clients have already utilized the 5B model and we all are convinced of its practicality – it really works! When used properly, the tools serve as a brilliant catalyst for change and a wake-up call. Jukka completed the approved board member degree program this Spring so now all of us have completed the course.

Participating at Nordic Business Forum with MLP as a 5B model exhibitor was our largest marketing effort of 2017. In co-operation with MLP and other great partners cooperation with Patrick Lencioni evolved and culminated in a seminar attended by more than 250 Finnish leaders.

The journey of changing thinking and working methods, as well as developing organizational cultures and business models will continue. In the next step of the way digital transformation will be even more evident. In 2018 our team will expand so we can better assist our customers develop organizational health as their biggest competitive advantage.

Thanks to each and every one of you!

Jukka, Juri and Pekko

Ave Group - Closing the gap

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